It started as a one-man band in wels, upper-austria, when Raumschiff Engelmayr, outfitted with guitar, drumcomputer and vacuum cleaner released a CD (TROST – TR 065, 1998) with a 600g handmade steelcover and began playing concerts disguised as space-indian.

The next step was a rock formation (already with derhunt on bass) accompanied by two fine jazz reeds. After recording the “blue” album (TR 075, 1999) for trost records, Raumschiff and derhunt started searching for a new drummer. Eventually they found ddkern (fuckhead, wipeout, quehenberger & kern, ….) who has been rocking the drumkit since then.

As a trio they recorded a new longplayer (TR 085, 2002) and started to tour europe disguised as chickens, ladies or sunflowers. Due to many live cooperations with leonid soybelman (ne zhdali, kletka red), kknull (zeni geva), dieb13, franz hautzinger a.o. from the jazz/noise scene, the electroexperimental label mego caught some attention and did the “12” maxi „drabule“ (mego 66, 2004).

In between releases on tape, cdr, and even on double 5″ vinyl with live/self recorded stuff came out on labels such as rock is hell, imvated, rasputin records hurenschädl and nawoatna.

In 2008, bulbul have arrived where they truly belong after marching into the EXILE ON MAINSTREAM offices and threatening the employees, they departed with a finished CD, called “bulbul 6” which was produced by patrick pulsinger and recorded by ollmann.

raumschiff engelmayr