Café Industrial

If you had to label the musical trio Café Industrial from Ostrava (CZ) in a conventional way, you would probably use words like folk, indie, or jazzrock. They play songs about the world as they see it, and it’s a world that does not frighten, but instead offers haven to those who seek it.
The band made several appearances at the Colours of Ostrava festival, represented their home city in the campaign for becoming the European Capital of Culture in 2015 (Roxy, Mánes, the Parliament of the Czech Republic), and even represented the whole country at the Czeski Dzień festival in Poland in 2013.
In 2015 the band released the critically acclaimed album Nití (which basically means ‘with’ or ‘by a needle’, reflecting the album’s interwoven character and underlying thematic connectedness).

Band members:
František Kuča – guitar, vocals
Kristýna Kubinová – bassguitar, upright bass
Viktor Dořičák – drums, percussions, electronic sounds

Ostrovy (2011)
Nití (2015)

‘The Ostrava based trio Café Industrial are truly alternative – to everything. Now it feels like indie, then suddenly it’s almost folk, then the band venture all the way into art rock/psychedelia, and, from time to time, they plunge in hard rock. Their crossgenre pieces often glide off into long, dreamy sections, exploring various moods in repetitive themes and reaching a musical climax in the end.’
Tomáš ‘Dudyn’ Václavek from the website

‘…Café Industrial is, simply put, a congenial band of musicians who pretend nothing and have a very clear idea about both their music and lyrics, which they offer without compromise. And that alone is quite something.’
Milan Tesař from the radio station Proglas