We are, as far from 2006, the rawest and most famous musically impaired band in Brno. Our portfolio of gigs includes a training centre, Roxy, notary’s office, Fléda (a club in Brno), my grandpa’s birthday, on a morning show of Czech national tv and at a party for delinquents. We have played almost everywhere but at your gig. And even if we did, we would like to play there again. Our facebook page has 1981 fans, 124 haters and 261 haters of our haters.

These have said about us that we are “a well-balanced will to say something almost intimately on their own while being seduced by a fictional world of associations, wordplays and rhymes” and that “for gods sake, you cannot rap, no flow whatsoever, god”. Musically speaking, we are trying to follow a virtual child of Radovan Lukavský and Lil’ Kim. We are not appropriate for kids party and we don’t do charity.