Dat Politics

DAT politics’ members came together as a production team in the early 2000 when they created their Art platform Skipp ( label and graphic design project), DAT Politics being an outlet for their electropop music.

Well known as a very productive, hyperactive band, DAT politics released their 2 first albums Villiger and Tracto Flirt almost at the same time in early 2000 on their own label Skipp and on the prestigious german label A-musik. Quickly they received demands for gigs and other releases from US (Tigerbeat6), Japan (Digital Narcis), UK (FAT CAT) as well as invitations to many compilations. They received several time an honorific mention at Ars Electronica one of the most important prize in European Electronic Music for Villiger and their remix of NWA on Tigerbeat6.
In 2001, they’ve been in touch with Chicks On Speed who were interested in their music for quite a while. The Electro trash German label released their Plugs Plus album in 2002 which brought a new electronica breath into France and the whole world. The press and the fans were excited and DAT politics continued to tour the world as well as recording new music. In 2004, they released their 2nd album for Go Pets Go followed by extensive touring on nearly every continent during 2 years.
In 2006, DAT politics released successively Wow Twist on Chicks On Speed and Are Oui Phony an EP on Tigerbeat6. These records invited the audience to dance. Tracks like Turn My Brain Off and My Toshiba is alive or Step back became anthems of young excited audiences. They played many festivals and have been bouncing the clubs around the world. Pop bands like Jagga Jazzist, The Blow, Architecture in Helsinki asked them for remixes of their tracks. In 2007 they appeared on “The Itunes Essentials” compilation between Daft Punk, Justice and Busy P. After Blitz Gazer (released in 2012) Dat Politics returned with a brand new EP Powermoon for Tigerbeat6 in 2013, which was followed by a launch of a platform called Hypnic Jerk, dedicated to the transmission of sounds and visuals various artists. Their rich portfolio has seen yet another record called No Void in 2015.

DAT Politics – MAD KIT- 2009:

France favorite electro chiptune pioneers DAT politics did it again!! This brand new Mad Kit album brings a kind of straight beat propulsion in their gloriously catchy, melodic and eminently danceable music.
An express shot of playful, booty, shaking dance synth pop ripe with digitalized vocals , distorded breaks and electric frequencies which put them on a luxury spot in the international electronic map. Mad Kit creates its own hyperactiv sound and a solid body of tracks that should be in heavy rotation and rock the brain dance parties all over the world.


“melody that will be bouncing round your head for hours‚”

‘in terms of songwriting, they play it straight, and ultimately demonstrate a knack for memorable tunes(…)
they bop around and shout and let the playful sense of fun take over completely.”

‘Wow Twist plays Queen Bee – sexy from the get-go, all surface.’

‘French laptop trio DAT politics have double-clicked “the party” icon on their desktops and the results make for absurd, infectious fun.(…) even a beardy old grouch like me can’t help but be seduced. (…)’