Dj Johana

Dj Johana is a femme fatal with human face.
Johana Švarcová (also a member of the band Kazety) is based mostly in Prague, for example, she played at the afterparty in MeetFactory after the show of Plannigtorock. In Prague, she isplaying mostly in ROXY / NoD, MeetFactory, Café v Lese etc.
In Brno, you could see her a few times in Club Fleda, or in Kabinet Múz. In early march went touring with the american musician Mikal De Graaf, who was in Bohemia with his solo electronic project Liquidrome. Her set is derived from which audience she is playing for. If the atmosphere is apt to dancy tracks from 80s or early 90s, she mashes it up with something more recent and she is satisfied.