Indie-rock band Downbelow was formed in 1999 in the Czech Republic. After hundreds of shows played together in clubs, as well as at summer festivals, after a number of radio and TV interviews they established the place on the alternative music scene.

Besides the key members – David Kopřiva (vocal & guitar), Lukáš Horký (bass) and Petr Fuciman (drums) – several personalities passed the band: Radek Tkáč (guitar), Hana Kopřivová (vocal), David Stypka (David Stypka & Bandjeez, guitar). Since 2012 Tomáš Březina plays the second guitar and also Petr Kružík (Priessnitz, guitar) joins the band on special occasions.

Downbelow combines music with the visual part since the debut album “Roadside Traveler” (2011). The shows are accompanied with the original video projections, created by Lukáš Horký – the bass
player, the photograph and the graphic designer in one person. The set of “Roadside Traveler” cover photos is also presented in gallery exhibitions.

The second record “Other world” (EP, 2014) is produced by Amák (ex-Sunshine). The Downbelow sound is enriched by the synth samples and keyboard loops. The second guitar becomes necessary
during the live shows. The guest artists Jaromír 99 (Priessnitz) and Niceland appears on the “Other world” record.

The band experiments with the acoustic form in 2016 – except the special acoustic playlist they compose the music for the theatrical play “Mezizemí”.

Downbelow recorded the new album in the proven cooperation with Amák.
New album Decameron Locis was released in April 2017 and 10 songs represent 10 trips to the places which carry some extraordinary story. Decameron Locis – 10 songs = 10 places.