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For the band DVA (TWO in English) the music journalist have a specific music genre – „The Unclassables“. The duo, which consists of Jan Kratochvíl (He) and Bára Kratochvílová (She), reifies its original music visions by uncountable means; to express its idea about how tango should sound, they employ beatbox, to titivate fragile folk compositions they use the sound of clarinet. They draw inspiration from the esthetics of music halls or circuses. Stories from their own worlds are then told by the band’s own language, which is the reason why their music is adressed as the „folk of the non-existing nations.“
Two years after setting up the band DVA released their debut album Fonók (Indies Scope, 2008), thanks to which they gained attention of people not only in the Czech Republic (album was nominated for the annual Czech music prize the Angel and their Nunovó Tangó video won the first prize at Anifilm festival), but also abroad. One of BBC’s front music critics Charlie Gillett ranked their debut among best albums of 2009, Fonók which contains fourteen compositions helped the band to reach number 34 on the respected Wcme chart.

After releasing Fonók they toured almost entire Europe. They introduced their idea of melodies that „non-existing nations“ hum not only in Germany or Poland, but also in France, Russia or Norway. 672 thousand viewers of the Damskij kanal TV morning broadcast heard their music, their compositions reached as far as Japan – you can get the Fonók record even there. Live gigs are what is the most important thing about the whole DVA phenomenon. The band shows are often accompanied by projections by graphic artists Magdaléna Hrubá and Markéta Lisá.
Their gigs are renowned for the creativity and playfulness – both of the group members switch to many different musical instruments during the show, you can hear guitar and banjo or a megaphone. DVA devote themselves also to theater and film- they play their music at the projections of films of Georges Méliese, the pioneer of French cinema. They musicalized the cult expresionictic movie The Cabinet of Dr Caligari.
The Kollektt8 album is a compilation of theater plays and animated films soundtracks, computer games music and a few other previously not released compositions. This album was offered to the listeners for free downloading. Another proof of their openness is that they released the album on their own label Label Home Table. They have used this label only for releasing their own CD-Rs so far, but in the future they plan to provide their DIY home label also to allied bands.
In September 2010 the band has released their third album called HU. For sound is again responsible Berlin producer Jayrope and it was recorded at a deserted cottage. The album’s success is being followed by yet another record Nipomo, which was released at a renowned label Northern Spy in 2014.

„Nipomo is a joyful summery record, where unadultered happiness reigns. That is why we gave it a subtitile Hœw te survik Winter ( How to surive winter),“ say DVA about their new album inspired by their journey alongside the Pacific Ocean coast two years ago. The album is released on 25 February 2014 by the US label Northern Spy Records and  in Europe on their own imprint Label Home Table, distributed by Indies Scope Records.

Honza and Bára Kratochvíl‘s latest release is not another pop record for non-existing radios, admittedly inspired by Sun Ra and Arvo Pärt. It also unravels an encoded message from aliens. „There is an encoded message from aliens on the record. They landed on the outskirts of Nipomo on their flying saucer and from there, disguised as tourists, they travel the Earth and collect information. They have developed a fondness for America because of its wide plain landscape, which reminds them of their home. The aliens learned English prior to their trip from simulators, but they possess a strong extra-terrestrial accent. They have found out that on Earth people mostly fear winter, boredom and loneliness, and they also became friendly with cats. People like to keep them without knowing about their scientific skills and secret plans for a journey to Mars,“ explain DVA.