HUJO is a hard-edged, globally influenced electronic music duo from Chicago, USA, whose music and performances are made unique through the presence of high-energy live drumming, keyboards and vocals. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of music such as Chicago House and Juke, the raw analog experimentation of Cabaret Voltaire, and pop music from the Caribbean, Indonesia and South Africa, HUJO’s sound is not that of two men standing behind laptop computers, but of a five-piece band with a full percussion ensemble.

Their first release, HUJO: Live at Reuben’s Palace, is a fully realized integration of their live instrument approach to electronic dance music with on-the-spot video recording and processing. Entirely self produced, this full-length video album is the culmination of the 15-year collaboration between Hunter Husar and Josh Johannpeter, two of the founding members of the now disbanded dance-misfit group Mahjongg, who released 5 albums and EPs and toured extensively throughout North America and Europe over the course of their ten year run (2001-2011).

Picking up where Mahjongg left off, HUJO, through their creative process, strive to boil their artistic history down to its essence: the honest product of a pure, two-way collaboration. The resulting sights and sounds present a dichotomy: a constant push and pull, a stream of questions lacking concrete answers; unfinished business. The questions: “Why must we make music together, still, after all these years? What music needs to be made? How do we go about making it, if at all? ” The answers: please let them know if you figure it out.