Kyklos Galaktikos

Kyklos Galaktios started as a project of Jan Burian and Jaroslav Hrdlička in the spring of 2011 which served as a platform for cooperation and collaboration with other artists. It slowly began to form a certain musical shape which resolved in their debut album Osa dobra later in 2011. It was released on their website with unlimited download access. Their successive record Mezi lovci mezer (2015) was, on the other hand, released by a renowned label Polí5 – a label that serves as a catalyst of Czech alternative scene.

Both records have received positive reactions from fans and critics, they have been called  “the future of Czech hiphop” for several times.
As for the genre itself, although Kyklos Galacticos do fit into the hiphop category, their music as well as their lyrics transcend the limits of the genre.
The band currently performs as Jan Burian (vocals, lyrics, PC, iPad), Jaroslav Hrdlička (lyrics, vocals, PC, cow horn) and Michaela Švédová (vocals, OP-1, Roland SP-404sx, iPad).