My Dead Cat

My Dead Cat were established in Brno in 2001. In the first recordings you can hear contrasting mixture of post-hardcore, noise rock and surf punk. After a year of touring the band falls into hibernation, from which they have waken up  in 2007 with a personnel change. That also triggered a genre shift of My Dead Cat towards rock and roll, post-punk and indie rock with expressive melodies and structure streamlines tracks. Influences of early The Cure, Sonic Youth, Fugazi are becoming more and more apparent during this period. The characteristics of their expression still lies in concentrated energy, synergistic chemistry and sweaty positive catharsis. In 2009 they have released a split EP with indie pioneers De Mood. A year later an eponymous debut mp3-board is released. They have played with The Robocop Kraus, Obits, The Estranged, ED Sedgewick, Strange Attractor or Statues, – the bands, which are their sources of inspiration. There make sporadic appearances at summer festivals (Fluff Fest, Creepy Teepee, Beseda u bigbítu, Pohoda). In 2012 they released vinyl LP Shorcut To Hell and they are currently working on a new album

“They took punk, hardcore and rock and roll and mixed it all together. “Now let there power pop and stoner rock,” said the cat. “Stoner rock not that I hate,” said the boy, “let there instead of stoner emo, I am keen.” So there gave emo. “It seems to me that there is little noise,” said the cat, “I have put several noise walls.” – “Discopunk And, lest we forget,” said the boy and put him there. “And the main thing!” Talking cat “indie guitar band after all we’ve got to give!” They put a pot full of guitar there. “A bit of post rock,” said the boy and put there post rock … ” (J. Capek)