Robert Piernikowski – music, lyrics Marek Karolczyk – music NP is a duo that lives and works in Poznan (PL). Post hip hop, forest, electroacustics, dirty backyards, electronics, wood and bunches, spoken word, field recording, noise of city folklore, dusted village buzzing, witched pulse, anger, melancholia and really dangerous happines. NP has recorded three LPs (Plenum 2007, NP 2009, Kultur Shock, 2011) and also EP (Brudne Zwierzaki 2008).

Kultur Shock is filled with old dusty and dirty BMW with subwoofer humble in somewhere village on non-asfalt route filling the tank on “Las Vegas” gas station and heading somewhere east. Every track gives you a clash between loud western culture and undefined central and east europe. Bald head rednecks with pitbulls spending their time on a village bus stop listening their mobile player expressing middle finger to cars coming from germany. Thats the culture shock. Humbling, synth buzzing, vinyl crack, field recording of non existing places sings and undefined hiphop verses – all that and more you got on Kultur Shock. Napszykłat celebretes shocking with guest appearance of american underground hiphop icon MC Dälek, czech DVA, slovakian Bene, polish etno singer Barbara Wilińska and…japanese experimental rapper Sibitt.