OTK is a Czech alternative noise rock band. The beginnings of OTK belong to the late 80’s and alternative scene in Prague. The band has released 7 albums, many compilations and a few remixes. Creative leader of OTK is a sound and recording engineer and Ondřej Ježek. During their career OTK has received broad recognition and many awards, for example the “Czech Grammy” Anděl in the category Alternative music for albums Sona a kuva and Okolo (2003 & 2008).

OTK never stop their search for new sounds and means of expressions, every album represents a different approach towards music, unifying principles being the characteristic voice of Ondřej Ježek, raw guitars, innovative melodies and hypnotic rhythms. Symbolic, ecliptic yet haunting lyrics are also one of the bands trademarks. They are one of the pillars of Silver Rocket label. 


Ondřej Ježek – vocals, guitar
Honza Žalud – bass guitar
Honza Klempíř – vocals, keyboard
Vít Holub – vocals, drums


OTK (Punc/Venture, CZ. CD, 1993)
Acid Kocka (Black Point, CZ. MC, 1994)
Blackoint Sampler (Black Point, CZ. CD, 1995)
Kot (Silver Rocket & F.Y.U. Rec, CZ. CD, 1998)
Svinstvo z vesmiru (Silver Rocket, CZ. MC Sampler, 1998)
Ten Years Ego (Noiseworks Records, Germany. CD Sampler, 1999)
Klan Open Source Remixes (F.Y.U., CZ. CD, 2000)
Zwei Kesel Buntes (Noiseworks Records, Germany. CD Sampler, 2002)
Sona a Kuva (Silver Rocket & Minority Records, CZ. CD, 2003)
Live at AKROPOLIS (Ganjalood, CZ. DVD, 2005)
Okolo (Silver Rocket, CZ. CD, 2008)
OTK/Aran Epochal – Split (Silver Rocket, CZ. SP, 2008)
Unklilled Worker – Faithcollapse (Silver Rocket, CZ. CD, 2009)
For Semafor (Klíče, CZ. CD sampler, 2009)
Kot (Silver Rocket & Inerziaformisharecords A.C., CZ, Italy 2LP, 2010)
Sona a Kuva (Silver Rocket & Inerziaformisharecords A.C., CZ, Italy LP, 2010)
Atentát na Wericha (Silver Rocket, CZ. LP, 2014)
Brno (Silver Rocket, CZ. LP, 2014)