Prodavač – back in the day called Shop Assistant – was established in 2003 as a “musical tribute to my heroes from the 80’s” says Pavel Kabelík aka Šampón. The first and actually the last record of Shop Assistant was EP Cheap Sex (Neonarcist). After that Shop Assistant has been put to sleep, while Šampón collaborated with Martin Hůla on a newborn alternative electro-pop phenomenon Sporto.

Eventually Sporto had to end as well, so Shop Assistant was being reborn, only this time as a regular band. Kluk (Jakub Sláma) joined Šampón on drums, PeKlo (Petr Kouček) a sound engineer of their first EP Duchové (2011, Starcastic) joined the collective shortly after release of the EP. While touring Honza Stejskal aka Stejky (from Hissing Fauna) joined in on bass synth.

During the autumn of 2013, Prodavač started to record their first LP at Jámor studio. Somehow they have managed to capture energy from the live shows and after mastering by Tomáš Karásek (Gargle & Expel) the debut album Malý ráje (2014, Starcastic Records) was released. The record has gained huge attention and critical recognition – Prodavač have established themselves as an important part of the Czech alternative music scene.