Shibuya Motors

Explosive avant-core with live electronics, saxophone and frenetic vocals of Shibuya Motors takes elements of free jazz, electroacoustic improv and dark death metal and mixes them with sophisticated irony together. The act was established in 2007 by Slávo Krekovič and Miroslav Tóth, two well established artists on the Czech and Slovak experimental scene (known for improvising symphonic orchestra Musica falsa et ficta, live plunderphonic trio Voice Over Noise, multimedia project Frutti di Mare, electroacustic trio Feed the Tiger, noise duo Q30J666222 Kapela snů, Uran Uran).

Short but intensive live sets of Shibuya Motors are sort of sound origami which are in sound and concept close to the cult Japanese experimental bands as RuinsGround ZeroZeni Geva etc. It is a perfect soundtrack for our age – crazy and fast. Any disruptions in attention of listeners are not a bad thing because each musical event lasts for such a short time. Music of Shibuya Motors animates these moments of short attention spans and gives them a specific aesthetic value.

High energy saxophone licks mix with wobbling and crunching electronics, while creating complex textures, daemonic drones, song-like micro fragments and twisted rhythms.

On the most recent record Shibuya Motors feat. ddkern the Slovak duo is joined by an Austrian drummer Didi Kern, who plays with such bands as FuckheadBulbul or Kern/Quehenberger.


Slávo Krekovič – elektronics

Miro Tóth – saxophones, voice