It’s the new project from Robert Piernikowski (Napszyklat) and 1988 (Etamski). Raw and dirty music hitting straight to Your heart. They call it hiphop without „avant” and „experiment” prefixes, without cheap tricks. They show that hiphop had this unconventional atitude at its origin.

Their debut album Orient (2015 Latarnia Records), however, sonically tells an alternative hiphop history. It is set in a universe where drum machines, synths and good old VHS recorded video clips never stopped being the most important power in hiphop creativity. Raw and dusty beats are equal partners to almost surreal lyrics, while the whole package hits you somewhere between daydreaming and reality. Orient is, without a doubt, one of the most original and important hiphop records of central Europe.

Live shows of Syny are hypnotic and haunting. Their stage presentation lies between self-concious hiphop pose and irony. Sweat, dirt, smoke and massive bass – these are just few of the things, that will hit you if you shall ever be so lucky to see them live!