The two distinctive personas of Czech music scene, Václav Havelka (Please The Trees) and Martin Tvrdý (fka Bonus) were brought together by working on a soundtrack for a Gary Keith Griffin movie Listopad.

Their soundtrack used motives from nowadays classic songs from Czechoslovakian underground, new wave and punk. The same songs later served as a basis for their album called U nás v garáži. The record is not a cover album per se, songs of GarážPůlnocDybbukPsí vojáciMichael’s Uncle or Soubor tradičního popu were a starting point, from which the duo created a new and original material. Although some of the tracks are closer to the original than the others, all of the record shows iconic music in a new perspective. Department from the rock aesthetics was viewed almost a blasphemy by some of the public, though a new sound context not only freshens the songs, it also proves their timelessness, not to mention the new accessibility of the tracks for generations departed from the rockist ideology. The album was critically acclaimed by a big part of the Czech media and it was nominated for the Vinyla price.

U nás v garáži was released by Polí5 and Indies Happy Trails.