Ventolin on tour

Live / DJ 

Ventolin is a live PA project of David Doubek (MVAV, Kazety), hilarious show, mad dancing, diy lights, electronic music live produced on various devices, microphones tesla&grundig and video by Majstrstyk Vj’s.

Live PA is a peculiar codename for electronic musical performance. Playing live with electronic musical instruments can be weird since its something between actual playing and djing, hence the special name. It means “live personal appearance” which nicely sums all the ironies and depths of playing electronic music live. So the live performance was first and the studio aspect developed out of it.

Ventolin‘s live audiovizual show has been brought to such festivals as Tauron Nowa MuzykaWilsonic, Summer of Love, Bohemian Like You, Sperm Festival, Itch My Hahaha, Bulva Fabula, Famufest, Shotgun and with bands and projects as The Presets, Moderat, Krazy Baldhead, Modeselector, Dva, Midilidi, Tujiko Noriko, Deadbeat, Kazety ad.

His first EP Mžitky (Mikinikill) was released in 2009, followed by LP Totem in 2012. Next EP called Playbour followed in 2015.  A documentary about Ventolin made by film academy students was released in the same year.

Upcoming shows

27/09/2019 Jihlava Czech Republic Nultá generace
04/10/2019 Veselí nad Moravou Czech Republic Kino
08/10/2019 Brno Czech Republic Brnenská 16ka
09/10/2019 Olomouc Czech Republic Klub 15 minut
11/10/2019 Chomutov Czech Republic TBA
12/10/2019 Teplice Czech Republic 3ožák
17/10/2019 Kladno Czech Republic Auto Da Fé
18/10/2019 Nymburk Czech Republic U Strejčka
19/10/2019 Zlín Czech Republic Blok 12
24/10/2019 Plzeň Czech Republic Anděl Café
25/10/2019 České Budějovice Czech Republic Komiks Klub
26/10/2019 Klatovy Czech Republic Kulturní centrum Falcon
27/10/2019 Loket Czech Republic Hrad
15/11/2019 Vsetín Czech Republic Tři Opice
17/11/2019 Praha Czech Republic Rock Café
21/11/2019 Bratislava Slovakia Nová Cvernovka
29/11/2019 Havířov Czech Republic Jazz Club
30/11/2019 Valašské Meziříčí Czech Republic M-Klub

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