Were Mute

Athriving new collaboration oscillating around electro-acoustique experimental psychedelia has landed onto our horizons, leaving us stunned by its surreal vocals and raw, uninviting yet beautifully harsh melodies. We’re talking about Were Mute, a relatively recent project whose godfathers’ music curricula reveal lengthy lists of glamorous ventures implying that we might be experiencing a turmoil in local muddy alternative waters. So let’s point our fingers at those behind this enchanting intrigue: Václav Havelka, otherwise lead singer of indie rock three-piece Please the Trees, and Prague-based UK-born multi-instrumentalist Carl Warwick (google Pronefoal for more experimental charm). Not to mention the prolific AND eclectic producer Martin Tvrdý (aka rapper Bonus) who took over production issues.

Havelka now calls himself Vac da Hawk but don’t worry, he’s not difficult to recognise due to his thick yet irony-filled accent. “Oh you….. you should forget about me“, singeth he in a high-pitch voice, and for a moment you hesitate whether this frenetic voice adheres to your auntie or an actual singer who against all possible vocal obstacles attains pretty much the same results. Sarcasm takes over after a couple of seconds, the first piece off the debut single couldn’t have come out in a better way. Actually, it’s the strongest of the four-track EP The Bea(s)t Is Up (Starcastic, 2014), both by its melody and content although all tracks do maintain a high level of attractive musical substances. Think James Blake with a slight Eastern accent, more guitars and less sweet romance.