Ali Ibn Rachid

Actual members: Lubo Burgr & Pjoni

Ali Ibn Rachid is alternative band from Slovakia, formed in Presov, but performing mostly in Bratislava. It was deeply interconnected with alternative theatre Stoka.

Ali, Son of Rachid (translation of the name) is not playing very often. The band was formed in 1986, by Lubomir Burgr and Martin Marincak. Their debut was released in 1992, with name Ali Ibn Rachid (also known as “the Hockey one”). Their second album was released in 1997, since it had no name, it is reffered as to the Cyclistic one (there’s photo of bicyclist on the cover).
After concert on festival Pohoda 1999, band split up, but they got together again in June 2008. Their third album, Dancing was released in 2009.

Their music sounds quite psychedelic, partly because of the various organic bass lines and creepy piano appearing in numerous tracks. The vocals remind of anything traumatic, however amusing, that the listener has experienced in his past life. While listening to Ali Ibn Rachid, you may feel like stoned. This disturbing effect may be caused by the fact, that this music is not for weak minded. Atmospheric moods penetrating from one to another may have tranquillizing impact on listener, so that he commits suicide from time to time.