DJ Mardoša

During the school year of 1987-88 he established with his then classmate Milan Cais a.k.a Bublajs now nation wide famous Tata Bojs (first gig: 29/6/88). When the fourth album of the band Futuretro was released Mardoša starts to play with playing tracks publicly. First, he starts to perform in a duo with Matěj Barošek as DJs Alfa & Omega, mostly at their home stage Delta. Starting 2006 Mardoša declares DJing independence and starts to play all over the Czech Republic (Akropolis, Punto AzulRoxyFlédaRaf). Apart from birthdays, weddings and anniversaries he has played after fellow bands ( Sunflower CaravanUmakartMidi Lidi), after names like James Murphy or LCD Soundsystem. He has performed a guest with DJing collectives The Fakes or Bounce!Bounce.

Mardoša is an official resident DJ of Kašpárek v rohlíku and is booked by Bumbum Satori from 2013.