Tujiko Noriko

Tujiko Noriko (ツジコノリコ), born Noriko Tsujiko (辻子紀子 Tsujiko Noriko), in Osaka, Japan, is a Japanese avant-pop, experimental musician, sometimes compared to Múm, or Björk. Much of her music consists of repetitive layers of samples and electronic beats and melodies being gradually added on top of each other, with her singing on top of that. Her lyrics are in Japanese and English. She has worked for the Austrian label Mego, and the German Tomlab. In 2004, she teamed up with Peter ‘Pita’ Rehberg to form DACM making the album Stéréotypie. In 2005, she collaborated with French artist Saâdane Afif to create film using four texts by French artist Lili Reynaud-Dewar. She is currently living in Paris and is also working on experimental short films. According to an article in The Japan Times, she has completed two films: Sand and Mini Hawaii and Sun. In Spring 2012 she was artist in residence at WORM, a Rotterdam based institute for avant garde music and art to record new music.